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Are your diving skills feeling a little rusty? Has it been a while since you had a tank on your back and enjoyed the awesome sights, sounds, and experiences of scuba diving? Do not let your time away from diving be the reason you miss out on the opportunity of diving the Catalinas. Take full advantage of the refresh program offered by us here at One Love. This is a swimming pool based practical experience, giving you the knowledge and capability to confidently return to diving in the open ocean. The main points to the One Love refresh program are to reintroduce you to the diving equipment and diving skills, practicing in the pool, and allowing you to obtain mastery of important diving skills and procedures. 

rusty scuba skills
neutral buoyancy

This refresh program is taught by one of our friendly and patient instructors. During your One Love refresh your instructor will always be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any aspects of recreational scuba diving, and help you with any concepts you may be having trouble with. With the One Love program you will begin with a brief talk through the equipment and shown the correct method for putting it together, before assembling your own. This helps to jog your memory on the functions of the various pieces. After this, you and your instructor will talk through the several skills you will be going through underwater, before dropping down and beginning your skills practice. Once all the skills have been completed, and you are 100% comfortable with

them, we will then focus on your buoyancy as you practice swimming around the pool. This program is designed to make sure all aspects of your diving are refreshed, leaving you comfortable, confident and feeling at one with the water... in a place of scuba zen.

The One Love refresh normally takes between 1-1.30 hours depending on the student, but if longer is needed then that is not a problem. Our schedule is your schedule, and we never rush anyone. With great flexibility available with One Love, we can even arrange to carry out your pool refresh on an evening. If you have access to a pool where you are staying, then we are also happy to come to you to complete your One Love refresh program*

only $65

* Permission to use the swimming pool where you are staying must be granted by the owner of the property.

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